Thursday, October 13, 2016

Who are we?

Hello everyone,

After the intense EVS Party and planning our first movie night (we are waiting for you at Multikulti tonight at 7pm!), each of us four want to let you know why are we here and what are our first impressions of Macedonia. So here you go! :)



My name is Andreea, I’m Rumanian but I’ve lived in France in the last 5 years, oh la la! In the last 2 years I was woking in an association that promotes the European mobility programs. As my contract was finishing, and I wanted to travel a little bit, discover a new culture, but in the same time to continue my associative engagement...what could be better that an EVS.

3 months ago my friend Clarisse (from Planete Volontaire NGO from Marseille, France) said I have 2 EVS places in Macedonia.
Intercult’Rural? CID? MultiKulti? Kumanovo? what's all this...few days research gave...CID =Center for Intercultural Dialogue, MultiKulti=ze social center, Intercult'Rural= the name of the project, Kumanovo= city in North of Macedonia.
Interesting...we (if your are asking who’ we are, me and Dorian - see his profile below)  decided to apply, after 2 weeks of work we had our motivation video (watch it here) that we sent to CID.
End of August they said YES, 1 week after we bought our tickets...and here we are Monday 3 October 2016 registration in the Kumanovo police station, opening a bank account, having Macedonian traditional breakfast (kebab, salad, cheese).
The integration week started.. coordination meeting with Daniel, playing with the kids from MultiKulti, Macedonian classes, visiting the Staro Nagoričane village where we will work...the next 2 months will be intense!


On Saturday we went with the hiking group to the beautiful Kokino megalithic observatory site for helping in an action for promoting tourism. What an amazing view, being in a place with so much history is magic.

While they installed some information panels, I picked up some trash. Personal comment: It’s sad to see how people don’t respect their environment, We’ve never seen that much cigarettes butts in a square meter, a public ashtray will be very useful.

A second group went for a walk for marking a hiking path. It was nice to share the day with local people!




I'm Dorian, coming also from France but originally from Spain. Well, you have read how we decided to integrate an EVS project. After some years living and working in Marseille, where I had the chance to meet lots of volunteers and youth people from all over Europe and world, I had in mind the idea to get involved in this programme, and finally here we are, living our EVS dream and sharing this experience with amazing people  :)

Throught our intercult'rural project we will raise awareness about the youth's situation in rural areas in Macedonia and we will have the chance to work with kids and teenagers from a rural village.

As you can see the first weeks of the EVS are busy ones, but the first impressions are good: quite small city, very friendly people (and adorable children), healthy and tasty food, mad weather, we will not have the time to get bored.



After a week in Macedonia I already feel like home here; I can get around in Kumanovo, I know where to buy the cheapest vegetables and where to go for a run, I know few words in Macedonian to get by in the supermarket (OK if they ask me anything more than if I want a bag, I am lost! :D) and my EVS colleagues are starting to feel like a family.

My name is Jannika, I am originally from Finland but have been living in three different countries for the past seven years, which is why I adapt to new environments quite fast, I think. I just finished my Master's degree in International Migrations and Ethnic Relations and wanted to gain some experience related to my studies and contribute to the current refugee situation with my knowledge. The EVS project in Kumanovo seemed like a perfect opportunity for me and so I decided to spend next three months in Macedonia. The project I am working in is about raising awareness of “refugee crisis” and promoting acceptance and tolerance among young people in Macedonia. During the next three months we are planning to organize workshops in local high schools, evening activities in Multikulti and events such as photo exhibition and public debate in the city. Also, we are going to do activities in refugee-camps close to the boarders and have fun with the kids in Multikulti whenever we have time.In my free-time I am a dancehall-dancer so I might also teach some Jamaican dancing to Macedonians if they are up for it. ;)

Kumanovo seems a small but interesting city. It is quite different than any other places that I have lived in and I love the mixture of different cultures and religions that are present. I can not wait to discover more Macedonia and put my hands into work to realize the projects we have been planning!

Hope to see you around! :)

Onur (Онур) - Robin (Робин)


My name is Onur (Онур) or Robin (Робин). 
I born in Turkey but I can’t see borderlines. 
So all World is my country. 
I went to Czech Republic last year and I wanted to go abroad again. 
So I choosed this EVS* Project.

In this Project I’m working for acceptance and tolerance, beside this I’m doing technical works too because I study Computer Education and Instructional Technology.
I'm also volunteer at "Youth Service Center", "Turkish Women Union", "Tuğba Çansalı-Öğrenme Tasarımları/Learning Designing", "Ankara University Modern Archery Society".
Our work included some flash mobs and I love theatre, basicly this project so good for me.

Here I am. 
My motto is “live in the moment and try to be happy” and I’m very happy to being here. I lived in many cities, towns, small towns, and villages in my life and mostly I prefer small towns because it will be easy to go somewhere and mostly you will see the same friendly people.

I believe that Turkey and Macedonia have same culture. 
Like foods, melodies, clothes. 
So I don’t feel like stranger for this country. 
Just I don’t understand their language (yet).

We have movie nights every Thursday and you can vote for movie from our blog.

If you want to meet with us, we will be at Multi-Култи



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